About Us

Safe and Healthy Haight (SHH) is dedicated to improving the Haight Ashbury community for its residents, merchants, and visitors. SHH goal is simply that the Haight Ashbury should maintain is its eclectic character while providing an environment that is clean and safe. SHH believes the Haight deserves to be a vibrant neighborhood that reflects the positive elements of its rich history.

SHH believes helping the less fortunate does not mean we should allow them to diminish the quality of life of the residents who live here. In other words, we should not tolerate bad behavior, homeless or not.

This does not mean SHH is not sympathetic to hardships of people experiencing homelessness, addiction, or mental illness. Quite the opposite. SHH believes that housing and treatment should be provided to all who require these services.

What it does mean is San Francisco can do better. And SHH strives to help San Francisco do better. SHH believes San Francisco is still a world class city and that San Francisco needs to apply world class solutions to these growing problems.

The members of SHH have a common goal: We advocate for a better Haight Ashbury community and a better San Francisco.